Synthetic crystal glass jewelery level of quality posing worrying

Synthetic crystal glass jewelery level of quality posing worrying

Recently, Chongqing Municipal Bureau of level of quality Supervision marketing and sales communications jewelery level of quality supervision is worrying: posing as man-made crystal glass, man-made diamond jewelry jade diamond jewelry jade posing because the natural and organic standard fraud; Rueilong diamond jewelry store in Bishan County may likely be the confined answerability business five batches of random jewelery all failed.


it critically is understood, Chongqing, jade diamond jewelry distribution business presently has even even more than 200, with yearly revenue of almost billion. greater rates attributed jewelery, type more, the phenomenon of counterfeit and inferior race, fantastic filling also occurs, particularly in very small stores, marketing weak level of quality jade jewelry. Recently, Chongqing diamond jewelry jade and useful metals level of quality Supervision, Inspection stop for the village performed a random inspection of jade jewelry. the principal compound of the sample of medium-sized distribution enterprises, some diamond jewelry franchise business, hotels, dining places and tourist shopping, validate out the diamonds, emeralds, useful rocks as well as other commodities, a complete sample of 22 batches of 70 models of distribution of goods, which passes fifty batches, sample pass pace of 71.4%. diamond jewelry store in Chongqing, Chongqing Jia Liang exchange Co., Ltd., Metropolitan Fusing diamond jewelry jewelry counter the profit of products obtained been satisfactory.


the principal trouble established in area checks, one marked while using exchange name will not complement the precise revenue of goods. area checks of twenty batches of substandard products with this case, there exists a batch of 15, accounting for 75% of substandard goods. the same as diamond jewelry store in Bishan County Rueilong confined answerability business and also light quartzite pendant marked “white widgets”, Nanping value Shihfang the Emerald (treatment) shipping pendant labeled “Yu serta condition Bashan Zodiac.”

Second, the inferior race, fantastic filling widespread. simply because the better the big difference involving the intrinsic level of quality jade jewelry, the really worth of the big difference can be better the amount of distribution vendors to reap significant income to low-end by implies of the manual digesting of natural and organic diamond jewelry jewelry jade jade posing. Li Dan, the same as Chongqing Department store Jingrui diamond jewelry counter distribution of the “Jade Pendant” (Goddess of Mercy), may likely be the subsequent cheapest level of quality jade posing because the natural and organic solution of high-quality jade. Third, pretty much never recognized the starting of supervision and inspection of a few of the brand new distribution companies, the level of quality of the products offered connected to some much more significant problem. If Yuehua purchasing jade glass cubical posing as man-made crystal.


for several worries established in area checks, the village level of quality supervision bureau official mentioned the multi-pronged, significant regulation scams violations retailers dim heart, the principal enhancement steps include: give full attention to jewelery the advertising and implementation of nationwide specs to market heavy knowing of business beliefs ​​and identification of jewelery the significance of commodities; strengthen very small and channel purchasing malls, person stores, particularly the tourist area purchasing department stores and hotels, and supervision and considering of distribution enterprises, and market production and distribution enterprises to enhance level of quality awareness, rigid products quality; for personnel to hold out standard training of basic recognition of jade diamond jewelry and enhance the level of quality of its business; intensify punishment for the production and profit of jade diamond jewelry company unsuccessful to hold monetary sanctions, the rectification period, discover of criticism and observe inspection as well as other steps and urge them to enhance product quality.

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