The geographical distribution of pearl

The geographical distribution of pearl

Nanyang raise bead — enjoy the reputation of nanyang bead after pearl is originated from Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia in the north sea, volume is unique, general diameter by 10 to 20 millimeter, pearls, extremely precious is a heavyweight, value does not poor. Color respect have clean and pure pink, charming silver to noble gold.

Tahiti pearls — from the south Pacific atolls and coral atolls, Tahiti pearls not only contain deep-sea mysterious, more have both at the unreal colour light faint rainbow. Most Tahiti pearls are water droplets than general type, line more see unique, diameter round by 10 millimeter to 15 millimeters, color choice generally have pure black, dark gray, and the most unique and silver color is brilliant peacock, very precious.

Japan keep bead — Japan who raise bead is the classic raise bead varieties, mainly circular or elliptic, by 2 mm in diameter condidered to 10 millimeter in southwestern Japan and China. To attune has brought pink white, butter and silver blue, match line to any woman body all defy the laws of shine at the moment. Eastern jingdong north lake conceived Kasumiga pearl, is a new generation of pearl, grow the model of humans and nature process requires close coordination, because the Japanese and Chinese freshwater oyster is a mixture, then the new budding into circular or artificial flat Jane nuclear, just can be spawned a unique take rose pink or deep pink pearl, its light moist beautiful, beloved. After collecting Japan keep bead, nanyang bead and Tahiti pearls process, adopt bead personnel from natural pleasantly surprised to find that Keshi pearl. When tiny grains of sand or other foreign matter with flow shock and entered the oyster inside, a single non-nuclear completely natural pearl took a turn, and its born just reflects the shape of irregular the secrets of the creator, color by silver grey to deep carbon color differ, natural color and luster and very precious.

Chinese freshwater pearl – with the traditional technology and hammered professional knowledge, China has in recent years to south lake in the Yangtze river basin, rivers and tributaries grow, and gestate freshwater pearl shape and tonal protean quality freshwater pearl. Provide different choice and cooperate with their individual tastes.

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