I love running

I love running up to every morning to go running, and once because of running late for school, the teacher was also a fine copy text, copy text when I was thinking, as I write also like running, fast and good. I really like gym class, because often physical game on the run, if one day I do not run, they will feel uncomfortable, to be run.

I am most proud of is that I have been a PE teacher selected athletes sports competition. Now, I have become a class athletes, often ranking in the game to get. And obtained the “Scud”, “Peter Pan” and many other titles. Classmates called me “run king.”

Treadmill exercise is not only people, but also to temper one’s will and perseverance, people think it is very interesting. I love running because it not only let me keep fit, but I always keep a clear mind, improve learning efficiency, running has become my indispensable part of life.

I love running!

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