A brand-new style for Christian louboutin

Although it has a history of only 18 years since it was established in 1992, Christian Louboutin has still won many good graces of different kinds of people in different classes, even some international super stars only dress Christian Louboutin, for example, Victoria Backham, Cameron Diaz , Julia Roberts and so on. Like Tiffany’s sign——Tiffany Blue Box, Christian Louboutin has it own particular sign as well, that is the red sole design of the Christian Louboutin Shoes for you products.

Christian Louboutin Sandals design principle is noted in foot three-dimensional three-dimensional space, through appropriate and reasonable modification and design, three-dimensional irregular foot space into a regular shoe with three-dimensional space. Of course, other performance christian louboutin shoes aesthetic appearance of the factors, the quality of the material used, and can make shoes to show elegance and beauty. However, trends in determining the conditions of the shoes, the most primary factor in non-shoe style perfectly.

Christian Louboutin Pumps brand sales last year increased by a multiple of big, the shoes he designed the annual sales of more than 340,000 pairs. The designer Christian Louboutin I do not place undue reliance on advertising and marketing, he said he never “force” were people red carpet wearing his shoes, “My goal is not to make money.” Some celebrities can shop in his boutique discount, but he rarely used the shoes donated.

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