Buy a diamond or emotional investment commodities

In another case, married 10 years, 20 years later, the family economic conditions improve, then people will go to buy a large diamond particles. So I think the development process of the diamond, was originally imported by the emotions, and gradually through the people’s emotional appeal, the scope of investment into commodities.

From the testing point of view, two years ago, under normal circumstances, bringing a diamond in the test, the 50 points a month to see a diamond on the good, and this year will be able to see a little three or four days 50 carat diamond stars. A few days before the general public to see took 4 carats of diamonds to detect. This allows people to buy diamonds we feel the desire and money, and psychological, is beyond people’s imagination.

There is also a typical example, a man spent 80,000 yuan to buy a 1 carat diamond, diamond is later discovered that he bought a second grade son. One can imagine, and so his son got married, at least ten years or 20 years later things. By then, the price of the diamond is difficult to measure by. 20 years ago and 20 years after the purchase of purchase,Tiffany Bracelets before and after comparison, save a lot cost, obviously this is a form of commodity investment. This process, first parents of the child of a love child and then turned into a financial investment made in advance.

Moderator: We have just mentioned, the earliest people to wear diamond jewelry dignitaries in Shanghai, and contact with Western culture. This shows that the original diamond jewelry, there is a taste, culture, and respectable people would wear. So now what kind of situation?

Guests: wear diamonds now, in addition to the tokens of love as a wedding keepsake, fashion crowd, luxury consumer groups are also major consumer groups, the latter has emerged from the emotional sustenance of factors, purely as a status, a status symbol.

Such as shopping malls which are now sold gold watch, belt buckle, brooches, etc., in order to reflect the dignity and luxury, are also studded with diamonds. In the consumer level, a number of celebrities attended the important meeting, fashion salon, upscale dinner, a variety of private clubs, they ultimately reflect the competing jewelry.

Also, now “after the diamond,” is gradually popular, such as the purchase of mobile phones, watches enclosure bordered diamonds.

Guests: According to customer needs and wishes, Tiffany Bracelets tailored personality, exaggeration, dilute the theme of your jewelry and other custom services. Whether talking about the gold watch in front of mosaic, or the back talking about the “post-Mosaic”, are illustrated through artificial means business effectively the diamond’s value space can be improved.

Then we can find people to buy initially because the love of diamonds and diamond gave rise to enjoy a certain value. In fact, diamond is an emotional buy, and double investment in commodities, which is also an important manifestation of the diamond value of the point.

There is also a phenomenon in the past to detect, and are a good buy inlaid diamonds, and now, a lot of people are holding the loose diamonds came over. This shows that, buy a good diamond inlay is the purpose of emotional investment, and take the person is the bare diamond purely investment-type consumers, and then take it even if the mosaic, but also to reflect its identity and individuality.

Moreover, past diamond ring, at most, the inner wall of the ring is marked with manufacturers name, and now according to the demands of consumers in the above marked with date of birth. I know a friend of his nicknamed Tiger, his wife’s nickname is called Doudou, and then they would require businesses in the diamond marked with “Peas tigers, tigers love Peas” word. It can be seen, diamond jewelry from the area of ​​investment goods has been delegated to the emotional aspects, the emotional demands of the people and mobilized.

Moderator: Just now we are talking about can be sum up, the first people to buy diamonds, completely out of an emotional appeal. Later, with the enhancement of the investment value of diamonds, diamonds, and gradually have the function of commodities, a status symbol. The basis of the investment, people will consciously or unconsciously implanted diamonds which emotional factors, so that the diamond once again return to the emotional appeal of the category. So, the promotion process in the diamond, which occurred before and after another obvious change?

Guest: the first time to promote diamonds, 4C was generally emphasized that the principle that clarity, color, cut, weight. Now changed, the key is to cut well, but also large.

Now twenty thousand yuan to 1 carat diamond can buy;, of course, consistent with the principles of the 1 carat diamond 4C, the price is also 10 million or more. In other words, as sales of diamonds, to meet the consumption needs of different consumer groups.

Guests: two 1 million and 10 million carats of diamonds, we should be rational view of the 10 million to invest two million can also be investment. Investment and income is directly proportional to the amount of investment is different from the benefits must be different. It is also cautioned that investment can not blindly, but should be rational.

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