Diamond disappeared in the Mediterranean region

After the third century AD, about a thousand years, the diamond disappeared in the Mediterranean region. One of the main reason is that with the decline of the Roman Empire, the rise of the Persian Empire between India and the Mediterranean, which replaced the Roman Empire and become the main absorber of diamonds in India. In addition, the decline of the Roman Empire with the death knell of the rise of Christianity as well, because most of the previous diamond linked with pagan superstition, just Christians who converted to Christianity in order to reduce the interest on the diamond. Tiffany Bracelets

Diamond new life – Europe

Medieval Europe, although diamonds have had to reproduce, but it is still a diamond in mind with a variety of mystery, like: Some people believe that diamonds can cure, some people think that diamonds are toxic, swallow can cause death. There are some superstitions about the diamond has a positive meaning, such as the soldiers believe that the owner of the diamond will bring courage to wear combat load of diamonds, can be invincible, and if the diamond will make a man love his wife deeply. But the diamond in the Europeans to occupy an important position in life some of the major events in the following

1) Louis IX (1214-1270) had issued to save the reign of law, provide that only the king can have diamonds, women not allowed to wear set diamonds. Less than two hundred years later, Charles VII’s mistress for the first time publicly against the decree of Louis IX, many community facilities in the palace with its striking diamonds on the jewelry. This will enable the diamond at the time of European managers, especially in the eyes of Ms. has become more attractive.

(2) 1477, Maximilian I of Austria with France Princess Mary of Burgundy before the engagement, the Princess received a letter from the text says: engagement of the day, the princess must wear a diamond encrusted ring. Thus, there is the first written history to wear a wedding ring on this finger in the Queen Mary. Diamond ring from a couple who love the supreme token of loyalty.

(3) 1499, Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama for the first time around the Cape of Good Hope in southern Africa, from Europe to Asia opened up sea trade routes. So that the Arab Middle East Europeans to avoid the monopoly of the diamond trade, diamonds from India in large numbers to appear in Europe. In addition to the above factors, the real diamonds have in Europe is the new diamond cutting and grinding technology be developed first in Europe, Venice, Europe and the Orient as an important trading port, the diamond in the back to the beginning of the fourteenth century Europe, which also was the first European center of the diamond cutting and grinding. But its status was soon replaced by Antwerp, and soon became the international diamond cutting and grinding center. To the late fifteenth century, Antwerp’s Diamond Cutting teachers have begun to use fine-grained diamond coated metal plate to polish the diamond surface; to the seventeenth century, where the division has been able to Cutting Cutting a diamond out of 58 a surface; to the eighteenth century, has mastered the split diamond technology. As diamond cutting and grinding technology has improved steadily in Europe, Europeans increasing interest on the diamond, Amsterdam, London, have also become a major diamond processing center.

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