According toward the nationwide Jewellery high quality Supervision

To the jewelry store browsing, or to the jewelry trade fair visit, will find wide range of precious stones, their shapes varied and have oval, pear, heart, diamond and so on. Some people may ask: why should the stones into different shapes designed it? For this problem, from two to answer.

Design of the stones into different shapes, is to meet the needs of decoration. Because different times and in different locations, different people are different consumer demand, monotonous shape gem is hard to consumer acceptance. The changing shape gem jewelry styles changing as simple as it also reflects the innovative ideas of things psychological. As an ornament, rich style, changes in fashion, people will always be the goal.

Design of the stones into different shapes, is to adapt to the different characteristics of gem material. Different gem materials, and its crystal structure, Tiffany Braceletsthe optical effect is different, if not its own characteristics, the precious stones designed to inappropriate shape Tiffany Bracelets , not only can not show the inherent beauty of gemstones, but also may affect the integrity of gem material, and even destruction of precious stones, resulting in significant losses. For example, the diamond shape design, the first based on the original stone cleavage, quality, weight, should be to maximize their original stone weight to the best state to anatomy of the original stone structure; with the best way to deal with the original stone defects, to design the most good diamond shape. Again, some cat’s eye effect, star effect of precious stones, how to make it fully reveals its special effects are very important.

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