From the role of the human body is concerned

From the role of the human body is concerned, no different in the heel and high heels. According to the scientific classification, in heels and high heels should be referred to as a heel. If high heels are particularly damaging to human shoes, the heel is a medium that harmful, especially for young people and physical development of the gradual decline in the elderly.

The heel of the problem can be clarified, at present, a substantial increase in foot disease, known as “diseases of civilization” and it has untied the knot. Although there is no harm in high heels heels as significant, but over time will ultimately lead to illness. More worrying is that this influence is still increasing. In recent years, manufacturers have introduced sports shoes with new shoes in both, in the heel under the spell of the health theory, more and more people have to switch to physical exercise in the heel, which is very dangerous. I wish to clarify the issue raised and can lead to some rational thinking people.

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