Shoe manufacturers worldwide have redefined

It’s been a long day. You drop your keys in the dish beside the front door fall into the nearest armchair and ease your aching feet out of your shoes. Sounds like the end of any working day, doesn’t it? Well it doesn’t have to be.

Shoe manufacturers worldwide have redefined the shoe in the last fifty years but none as much as Masai Benefit Technology.air force ones limited editionjordan space jamsjordan 11 space jam retrospace jams jordansjordan 11 space jamspace jam jordans In 1998, the first MBT shoes clearance became available and it took the world by storm. It looks feels and acts like no other shoe on the market and in fact, the company refuses to call it a shoe. Instead, they call them MBT anti-shoes.

MBT claim that shoes should have warnings on them due to the damaging effect of traditional footwear on our hyperdunk basketball shoesnike lunar glidenike zoom kobe ivlimited edition nike air force onenike zoom soldier iiilebron zoom soldier iii Now they wouldn’t be the first company to lay claim to revolutionary technology in order to boost sales but what makeMBT Nafasi
different is the scientific data and research that has been done supporting their argument. What is more is that they have continued to research the effects of traditional versus MBT footwear in order to further improve their product and our health.

So what is different about MBT that makes their anti-shoe beneficial to our health and shows traditional footwear to be damaging? Once you take a look at the MBT anti-shoe, you will immediately see the difference. The MBT anti-shoe has a curved sole so that the heel and toe aren’t sitting flat on the ground. Basically, MBT research has shown that our bodies were not designed to maintain a flat foot while walking.MBT Mwalk
If you watch a person walking in slow motion you will see that the foot flexes creating a rolling gait. In traditional footwear, the foot is kept flat placing pressure on the heel and this pressure is transferred up through the ankle, knee and hip joints. Further more, traditional footwear acts as a stabilizer so the leg and torso muscles become lax. They no longer need to work to support us in an upright manner. The weakening of these muscles is associated with back and neck pain. MBT Kesho MJ actively stimulate correct posture and in so doing assist in strengthening those supporting muscles.

Over the years, we have forgotten that pain is a signal that something is wrong. Maybe it is time we adopted a healthier attitude and started wearing MBT anti-shoes.

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